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Pencils In Cup (rworks)

Last day to pick up "The Wild Side" -- and it's FREE!

My weekend is coming to an end at Rainbow eBooks. *sigh*

But there's still time to go grab "The Wild Side", which will only be available on its own until the end of the day today, as part of the promotion at Rainbow eBooks. And it's free! Just click on the hottie below to visit the download page. :)

In addition, all of my titles are 20% off for the rest of today!


I really enjoyed this, Janey. Thanks so much! Ryan is such a hottie, and so is Nick. I loved the Pink Room. And Cheyenne turned out to be a real matchmaker.

I'll bet Mother's Day does turn out to be a madhouse. *g*

Thank you again!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking time to tell me so. The Pink Room is based on my grandmother's room -- I don't think I have a good enough imagination to come up with that on my own! ;)
I've got it, hurrah, and looking forward to reading it!

BTW I LOVED Get What You Need, I must tell you! The guys were smoking, the spark between them truly hot, but you created full characters as well, sympathetic and struggling men who found a haven in each other for a time. And yes, now I must go and put that on GR.... LOL.
Hi Clare, honey! I hope you like The Wild Side, and I'm thrilled to hear that Get What You Need resonated so much for you! YAY!