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Pencils In Cup (rworks)

I will have a release in 2012!

(...which is more than I managed to accomplish in 2011...)

Yes, there's a new novella on the way, tentative release date of late April, published by the good folks at Dreamspinner Press. I'll keep you posted as I learn more. In the meantime, here's a teeny tiny sample from the new story, working title False Start:

Small-town life can be hard on people who are... let’s say different. If you’re a young man, for example, who reaches the age of fourteen and awakes one morning awash in testosterone, and that young man realizes that he could give a shit about the girls he’s supposed to be noticing at school and instead spends as much time as possible shadowing a senior dreamboat who happens to be a guy, well, that’s a problem. While I should have been studying algebra and world studies and English, instead I memorized Tucker Locke’s class schedule and managed to plant myself where I’d get to see him multiple times a day. I might have stalked him a little, in a barely pubescent way.



The snippet sounds good. :)

I, too, will have a release this year, and perhaps two; I just submitted another one last night. 2012 is shaping up to be an excellent year!
Congrats to you too, T! It does sound like 2012 is shaping up nicely. :)
Congrats! I also managed to skip 2011 but have releases in 2012! This sounds interesting!
I saw the news on your LJ, Rowena -- congratulations!
That's very exciting! I like the way you write, and am looking forward to hearing more about this! :-)
Thank you, Sarah! :)
Hurrah and congrats! Looking forward to it :)
*hugs* Thank you, Clare! Much appreciated!


Janey, that's awesome! You're one of my favorite authors, and I've been checking back regularly, hoping for a new release. :) Best, Val Kovalin
Thanks, Val! I'm pleased you're pleased! :)
Only a few days ago, I found your work on Amazon. I bought "Get What You Need" really enjoyed it and was surprised at the connection between Jay and Patrick. It has an element rarely found in literature or films that was beautifully presented in your story. It's a psychological concept called "psychological visiblity" where a person feels 'seen' and is more than simply feeling understood or accepted. At its core it is a feeling that the other person knows WHY we do something because there are shared values and principles. In contast, with most people you say something and when the other responds you start looking over your shoulder saying, "You talking to me?" Either they didn't hear, weren't listening or didn't get it. A good exampleof psychological visibility is the campfire scene in Brokeback Mountain when Ennis tells Jack about his life. Jack tells Ennis "Them's more words than you've said in the two weeks we've been here." And Ennis replies: "Hell, them's more words than I've spoken in a year." Each other was the first person either had ever met that they could talked to and feel heard and seen. This is the same awareness I had when I just read "Get What You Need". I promptly bought all other stories and was sad to see you hadn't published since 2010. On a chance I looked here and am so pleased to see another book will be out in two weeks! Synchronicity at its best. Thank you very much for sharing your skill and talent with us. Toni Rapone, Montana
Hi Toni! Thanks for taking time to let me know you enjoyed Get What You Need. The term "psychological visibility" is completely new to me, but it makes forehead-slapping sense, and it does seem to fit one of my favorite things about romance in all genres: the idea of being *known* by another person and loved for that essence of self. Does that make sense?

I hope you will find the same is true in the two Maritime Men novellas. Very little is said between Eli and Cooper, but each is known to the other; at least that's what I intended to convey.