Janey Chapel (janeychapel) wrote,
Janey Chapel

I will have a release in 2012!

(...which is more than I managed to accomplish in 2011...)

Yes, there's a new novella on the way, tentative release date of late April, published by the good folks at Dreamspinner Press. I'll keep you posted as I learn more. In the meantime, here's a teeny tiny sample from the new story, working title False Start:

Small-town life can be hard on people who are... let’s say different. If you’re a young man, for example, who reaches the age of fourteen and awakes one morning awash in testosterone, and that young man realizes that he could give a shit about the girls he’s supposed to be noticing at school and instead spends as much time as possible shadowing a senior dreamboat who happens to be a guy, well, that’s a problem. While I should have been studying algebra and world studies and English, instead I memorized Tucker Locke’s class schedule and managed to plant myself where I’d get to see him multiple times a day. I might have stalked him a little, in a barely pubescent way.
Tags: dreamspinner press, false start, shameless self-promotion

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