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Pencils In Cup (rworks)

CONTEST: False Start

In anticipation of the release of False Start on Wednesday, I thought it might be fun to run a little contest for a couple free copies of the book!

So between now and Wednesday morning, leave a comment here or at my Facebook page with the name of one of your favorite songs from the first time you were ever just flat-out stupid in love with somebody, along with a line or two of lyrics if you're so inclined. Maybe you were in college; maybe you'd just started working; maybe you were precocious and had it all figured out in junior high. Whatever the age, what music provided the soundtrack to your life?

Okay, the connection to the novella is a bit of a reach, but the strain of nostalgia that weaves through the story reminds me of Phil Collins's "Against All Odds", which I listened to ad nauseum my sophomore year in college while I crushed hard on a senior heartthrob.

Phil plaintively asked, "How can you just walk away from me, when all I can do is watch you leave"

*grabs own heart*

I'll choose two winners at random first thing Wednesday morning and post their names. At that point, I'll request e-mail addresses from the winners so I can send the book in the ebook format of their choice.

(P.S. That heartthrob finally noticed me, and we spent a glorious spring hanging out, staying up till all hours talking, and fooling around. Even after he graduated we stayed good friends -- he came to my wedding and a couple years later I went to his -- and we still stay in touch.)


Please count me in for a copy. :) This looks awesome.

I've added your name to the pile, Jase! :)
Looking forward to reading this one!

Hmm. That was a looooong time ago. I was 15 and the guy was 19 and he turned out to be a bit of stoner (never my thing, even then). But I did get introduced to the great Neil Young album, Live Rust - specifically "My My Hey Hey".
I don't know that one! I'll have to go have a listen. Thanks for responding! I had a thing for a stoner once myself but upon closer inspection realized his hygiene didn't meet my standards, and that, as they say, was that. ;)


The first man i fell in love with gave me the America LP by America, he was big into his music and went off to london to make it big! (one apperarance on top of the pops, early 80's) - i still have the record, warping in the atticand his daughter is in the year above my son at school!

Suze, that America album is a classic! Thanks for commenting!
"I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis reminds me of my first love.

I am looking forward to it.

mslasha @ gmail.com
That is a very sexy song, m_lasha. I can remember slow-dancing to that one!
I'm such a cliche - In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel!

"Without a noise, without my pride,
I reach out from the inside."
I feel you, Kate!

*holds up a boombox in solidarity*

"I see the doorway to a thousand churches
in your eyes"

*happy sigh*
Please count me in on the contest!!

Hm, I've only ever had a real butteries in my stomach kind of crush on someone in middle school. His name was Renee... but truthfully? I haven't ever felt that way about someone after.. I've liked how a few have looked... but I never got nervous and giddy around anyone else than when I did with Renee. But I can't think of a song I ever associated with that feeling then... ^^;;

Anyways. >w< please count me in! Thank you!

That first love can be pretty overwhelming, can't it? It's like all our insides are on the surface!

Thanks for responding, Judi!


song of songs

This is embarrassing but true. In school I was deep in love with my best friend for years (nothing came of it, except that eventually it ate up our friendship and spat it out). This was mid 90s in northeastern North America and the song I played over and over and over was

when I fall - barenaked ladies

'i wish i could fly/from this building, from this wall/and if i should try/would you catch me, when i fall?'

sapphirecate (at) yahoo (dot) com

Re: song of songs

Awww, thank you for sharing! I'm sorry the friendship didn't work out. :(


Re: song of songs

It's years past now and I've found my One True Love. But! Oh! the Barenaked Ladies angst!


Re: song of songs

Yay for One True Love! :)


Please count me in on the contest...(and confirm friend on FB :)

First love song...Reunited Peaches and Herb...I thought it was soooo romantic to be getting back together (at 13, roll eyes now)

chellebe at comcast dot net
You're counted in! :) I get the "Reunited" love.... cuz it feels so good! ;)
I had to check and make sure I hadn't already commented! Please count me in! :-)
You're counted in, Sarah! I'm just about to choose random winners. :)
Yay! *fingers crossed*